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Born   in   Dudelange   (Gr.D.   of   Luxembourg)   on   a   cold   December-day   in   1956,   I   grew   up   between   the   rails   that   deserved   a   little   town-station   and the   4   blast-furnaces,   foundry   and   rolling-mill   of   a   steel-company   named   ARBED   ,   just   some   footsteps   away   from   our   home.   To   become   a modelrailroader   was   a   very   simple   destination,   since   my   Dad   bought   our   first   Fleischmann   -   beginner-set   in   1959.   More   than   40   yaers   were needed   to   discover   my   love   and   passion   for   the   North-American   railroads.   My   favorite   of   all   these   great   companies   is   the   Santa   Fe   Railroad. Modeling   the   late   50ies   and   early   60ies   is   the   real   thing.   I   can’t   miss   that   era,   where   the   rusty-brown   dust   and   those   sounds   in   the   fog   of   the industry   was   mixed   to   the   steam   and   chuffs   or   whistles   of   the   locomotives.   Still   today   I   can   smell   the   breathe   of   that   dark,   but   illuminated atmosphere,   that   made   from   all   of   us   what   we   are   today.   Well,   my   favorite   techniques   in   modeling   is   scratchbuilding,   kitbashing,   weathering by airbrush or powder, but I know best results also in electric installation, DCC and re-powering. 
My slogan: Have a good friend and feel lucky, do great things together and feel happy!
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